jon proctor

Jon Proctor


This is the comment by Jon Proctor, International Chief Inspector visiting tourist businesses in Cervia, Milano Marittima, Lidi Ravennati, Russi, Bellaria Igea Marina, San Mauro Pascoli and Pennabili in Romagna, Italy, which are part of the Green Tourism Italy pilot project. Official awarding ceremony is planned by the end of July 2015, when businesses shall receive their well-deserved awards by Geeen Tourism, the world’s most credible sustainable quality label.

Following an action packed June doing audits and training on Green Tourism Italy the International Lead assessor Jon Proctor had this to say about the meetings and the Italian founding members:
All the visits went very well and I was most impressed with how the businesses in Italy are genuinely tackling the green challenges we all face. Many are family businesses and they support local and home produce very well with a lot of businesses specialising in an organic range for breakfast. The commitment to energy saving is excellent with a majority having solar panels in some form and many leading with the latest LED lighting. Waste is also tackled well with much recycling and corridor collections of waste for customers and no examples of poor practice such as leaking cooking oil or other pollution risks. All sites are tidy and have a committed team and all will pass at least the Bronze award level. This is a great achievement for all and demonstrates that Italy has some world class green businesses. I am also pleased with how the training went and the new assessors are supportive and keen to develop their skills. Green Tourism is as much about helping the business tackle these big issues with small and developing positive actions and so good advice goes hand in hand with accreditation for acheivements. As a team we identified many areas for cost savings from aerator taps which have high flows to improvements to air conditioners, refrigeration units and boilers. We saw some outstanding businesses also and we will announce the results of the awards by the end of the month and see what range of award winners we have from bronze to silver and maybe even a gold. In the longer term its about reducing our carbon emissions and we are developing further tools for businesses in Italy over the summer. Its also about being efficient working smarter and achieving cost savings in a difficult economic climate. One thing is certain that our future partnerships will blossom and we look forward to helping putting Italy clearly on the Green Tourism Map!!!

Heres to a Great summer for Emilia Romagna the first Green Tourism Destination in Italy – roll on Romagna Mia! (A local song)

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