Green Tourism a Cervia: “Italy shows tourism the green card” così scrive Travel Mole la più grande comunity online di turismo e viaggi.


Green Tourism Italy: Andrea Nicholas, Sandra Sazzini and Luigi Rambelli with slide of Sir Alex Fergusen of Green tourism certified business Manchester United visitor centre

A strong group of local tourism providers attended the launch of Green Tourism Italy in Cervia

The pilot scheme presented in co-operation with local hotel association ASCOM is expected to attract an initial group of accommodation providers and other tourism businesses to wave the green card in Italy.
Green Tourism is the largest and most credible green certification programme in the world with over 2500 members including Manchester United Football Club.
The Italy launch will enable local tourism businesses to save money and have their offers audited and certified for the rapidly-expanding global green tourism market.
“It is great to see how much interest there is in the Green Tourism programme in Emilia-Romagna, said Andrea Nicholas, Managing Director. “I am sure that the success that we have had in the UK and Ireland will attract many more high quality visitors to appreciate this beautiful destination. We expect to recruit a number of green champions from all sorts of successful tourism business to be ambassadors like Man U are in the UK.”
The pilot project will enable local tourism businesses to have all the benefits of the programme for a fee-free period.
It is expected that Green Tourism Italy will be available to other Italian destinations within the course of the next months.
Further information from Sandra Sazzini

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

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